Tumblin’ With Tauschek turned 3 today!

Tumblin’ With Tauschek turned 3 today!

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Wow, the stupidity of #PrimusCanada is staggering. I’m trying to pay my bill and they essentially won’t let me. The CSR was rotten!

One of my colleagues, Jonathan Kidd (@Jon_ITRG) fired up a Tumblr blog. I like the name - Twe@k Freak - http://t.co/qV5Nrik1

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Hey @dereksilva what do you think about this? http://t.co/bcQIbhIH

Apparently I got the hash tag completely wrong for voting. Again, I voted, and it felt good. #VoteON

RT @leolaporte: : http://t.co/BZ7BH4EB

CNBC’s coverage of Steve Jobs’ passing: Rebel. Icon. Genius.

But I do wonder what Jony Ive has been working on. No new industrial design today, but you gotta believe big things are coming next year.

Follow me - I’ll be live tweeting the entire #iPhone launch event. Nah, just kidding. I may tweet once, depending on my excitement level.